Tanasi Restoration Committee held its first official meeting today. Team members include Chet Pillsbury; Chief Executive Officer, Mitzi Lane; Chief Operations Officer, Beth Kuberka; Chief Development Officer, Chris Sykes; Director of Golf, Clayton Taylor; Director of Public Works, Kevin Alfont; IT Manager, Andy Fox; AWE President, Marty Inkrott; Board President and Pat White; Board Member. Other committees (PSAC, LRP, GAC) will be brought in as needed.

The focus of today’s meeting was to manage the immediate need for golf cart storage. It was determined the best option would be to purchase a carport structure that is 30 x 100 feet (see example below). This would allow us to have all our golf cart fleet under cover during the evening for onsite charging. This will greatly improve the golf operation at Tanasi Golf Club. The exact location is still to be determined. The carport has been ordered and has a lead time of 6 to 8 weeks. The team felt this option offered the best long-term benefits. Public Works and Golf Maintenance will use the carport to cover equipment long term.

We will continue to keep the community updated on our progress. To read past communication and to submit feedback you can visit the Tanasi Update page here.