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March 24, 2020
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Please click here to watch the latest update on COVID-19 from Board President Rick Blough. 

For the most up-to-date information regarding COVID-19, please click here to follow along with the POA's blog. We are updating this page with each new development, as well as sending out Tell-E-Flashes to deliver the most timely information possible. 
Recreation Director Simon Bradbury encourages everyone to read the information at this link and abide by these guidelines for the safety of everyone.

A big thank you to all of our volunteer trail builders who work so hard to make this amenity a reality.
The Board of Directors met on March 18th. While the meeting was not open to the public due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it was recorded and has been posted on the Board of Director page of the POA website here. The recording of this meeting is also available to view at this link.
President’s Announcements: Rick Blough
  • March 4th minutes were approved.
  • Board meetings in April will be held on April 8th and 22nd.
COVID-19 Response Plan: Winston Blazer 
  • It is our goal to keep everyone as safe as possible during this COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • We are implementing nationally recommended guidelines and making decisions based on CDC recommendations.
  • Conditions are changing rapidly, and timely communication is vital. Please encourage your friends and neighbors to subscribe to the Tell-E-Gram using this link.
  • We meet daily to determine our strategy based on the latest information. 
  • Please call us with questions or concerns.
Governmental Affairs Committee: Pat White
  • Working on a voting initiative; waiting on the most recent statistics from the election office
  • Working with TVB on voter registration; goal is to publish initiatives by the next primary on August 6th
  • Working to identify number of volunteer and volunteer hours should be done by April 1s deadline 
  • Rankings of Loudon County jurisdictions and total assessments from appraised property values:
    • #1 Unincorporated areas are generating 841M tax assessment dollars
    • #2 Tellico Village 435M
    • #3 Lenoir City 265M
    • #4 Loudon City 256M
    • #5 Greenback 23M
    • #6 Philadelphia 6M
  • Tellico Village has a tremendous impact on Loudon County, as the 2nd highest taxpayer in the county.
Public Works: Clayton Taylor 
  • Wellness Center roof work has been suspended due to oil canning. We are working with the contractor to determine a plan of action for correction.
  • Yacht Club breakwater: Barge was determined not a good fit for this project; we are waiting for a meeting to be arranged with Jacob’s Engineering.
  • Sewer odors: a carbon scrubber has been added to the lift station at Davis Ferry/Hwy 444 and replaced at Toqua Road; Jacob’s Engineering to advise on odor control. 
  • Coyatee water storage tank: Progressed beyond the 30% design and working toward 60%.
  • Dog Park: 60% of trees have been removed; waiting on dry weather to continue clean-up and prepare for fencing.
Finance: Kevin Ellsworth
  • February’s non-financial indicators show good month of activity, especially considering the amount of rain. 
  • Sold 13 POA lots; budget was 4
  • Improvement on open head count in the Village
  • Property transfers continue to be up YTD: 106 v. a budget of 50
  • New home permits YTD: 28 v. a budget of 15
  • Water and sewer activity above budgeted levels 
  • Golf: missed 425 revenue-generating rounds for the month, though still remain slightly positive YTD 
  • Favorable YTD Revenue: 74K 
  • Favorable YTD Expenses: 3.1M v. budget 3.6M
  • YTD Net Income: 569K
  • Golf member rounds are favorable mostly due to unlimited after 2pm; guest rounds are also favorable 
  • Recreation memberships are favorable
CFO Report: Parker Owen
  • Budget books are printed and distributed 
  • Minimum insurance requirements for contractors were submitted and approved; will be incorporated into the TVPOA Purchasing Policies and Procedures Manual
  • Insurance renewals for TVPOA are in process for April 2020-April 2021
  • Capital Project Funding Request: Phase 1 Bunker Improvement Plan at Kahite 
    • This is a multi-year plan to remove 33 original bunkers in-house, then renovate the remaining 60 bunkers over 6 years. The plan for 2020 calls for removal of 15 bunkers and re-sodding. Timing is weather dependent.
    • Request Amount: $35,000 
    • Motion to approve funding from the R&M Reserve Fund: approved 
  • Capital Project Funding Request: Aloha POA System for Kahite Clubhouse 
    • Current POS system is not adequate. The new cloud-based online system is also used at other facilities and will provide consistency across all Food Service operations. 
    • Request amount: $12,450
  • 2020 budget is funded mostly from the current year’s cash flows and a modest drawdown of reserves 
  • It was requested that Parker study the impacts of shutting down restaurants, golf, etc. due to coronavirus
Marinas Advisory Committee Charter: Pat White
  • Dock Advisory Committee is requesting to be recognized as a formal advisory committee
    • Docks generate over $500K in fees; $300K in expenses leaves $200K revenue back to POA 
    • The committee wants a more active role in budget process 
    • Pat White made a motion to accept it as the official Marinas Advisory Committee
 Asian Carp Actions: Pat White & Committee 
  • The Asian Carp Committee had a recent meeting with various community groups including HOA, WATeR, Cruising Club, Fishing Club, TRDA, and Rarity Bay. They will be reconvening soon to continue the discussion.

Did you know? Tellico Village offers both online bill pay and auto-draft options for property owners to submit assessment and water payments. 

During these circumstances in which our lobbies are closed, this is a great time to take advantage of these convenient options. 

To sign up for online bill pay via EZPAY,
1. Go to
2. Register your account.
3. Click Enroll Here under Paperless Billing.
4. Enter your email address.
5. Put a checkmark beside Terms & Conditions.
6. Click Save and confirm your email.

To sign up for auto-draft,
Click here to access the auto-draft form. You will need to fill out this form and attach a voided check. These can be dropped in the POA drop box. Alternatively, you may take photos of your completed form and voided check and email them to Ashley Chambers at 

The Tellico Village Volunteer Fire Department continues to respond to all 911 calls 24/7. Our protocol for responding to medical calls begins with a "6-foot assessment." Maintaining that distance, we will ask the following questions:

Have you been out of the country in the last 30 days?
Have you been in contact with anyone who has been out of the country in the last 30 days?
Are you coughing or sneezing? 
Are you having breathing difficulties? 
Do you have a fever?

Depending on your answers, we may, with your permission, place a protective mask on your face. We will be wearing gloves and may put on a mask, gown, and protective eyewear. We will assess and treat your illness/injury and prepare you for ambulance transport to a hospital if indicated and in accordance with your wishes.

As you may know,  EMS systems all over the country are experiencing critical shortages of N95 masks, surgical masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, and sprays. If you have any of these items and are willing to donate/sell them to us, please drop them off at the fire station at 210 Chota Rd. If no one is at the station, please call 805-338-7056.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all spring classes will be rescheduled. If you have already paid for a class, you will receive a credit toward future classes.
The Tellico Village Library will be closed to visitors until further notice. If you want to pick up an item, we can give "bench pickup service." We will place the items on the bench in front of the library and you may pick up. You can call 865-458-5199 or email to arrange this service.

The Annual Used Book Sale has been rescheduled from April until August 20-22.
POA Board Meeting March 18, 2020

Coronavirus has had a huge effect on our community and our world, yet your Board continues to meet (keeping their distance!) to keep our Village running smoothly until we return to normal. To view the POA Board meeting in it’s entirety, click here:

Highlights include an update on the coronavirus and its impact on the Village (since change happens quickly in that regard, some things have already changed), the status of the Wellness Center roof, dog park, financials, dock captains committee, Asian Carp, and more.  

Keep yourself informed in the comfort of your home!

Tellico Village Broadcasting Studio Closed
Due to coronavirus, TVB is closed until further notice. During this time, the studio will be thoroughly cleaned to protect our staff and customers. Very limited access will be granted, although TVB is working with the POA to keep you informed. If your club or organization has a video shoot or bulletin scheduled, please contact us to reschedule once we have reopened. Thank you for your patience.

Anything that is not biodegradable, such as plastic and cardboard tampon applicators, condoms, and heavy paper products like paper towels and baby wipes, cannot be flushed down the toilet. This kind of waste can cause clogs in the pumps that can end up costing homeowners an extra maintenance fee.

If you use something other than toilet paper, it must be discarded in the trash.

The T-Bart Board of Directors has decided to immediately suspend all T-Bart operations until further notice. This suspension includes all boat tows (regular and courtesy), Lake Orientation classes, scheduled training, and the BratFest event originally scheduled for May 4th. A tentative date of August 10th for the BratFest event has been established pending compliance with CDC and state guidelines regarding COVID-19 issues as we get closer to that date.
In light of the new COVID-19 virus, the Loudon County Clerk’s office will NOT be in the Lakeside Real Estate office on March 19th or March 26th. They will resume their regular schedule on April 2nd between the hours of 9:00-3:30.
Each spring, the Kiwanis Club of Tellico Village prepares for the biannual Pancake Breakfast fundraiser. This event provides a significant portion of our budget towards supporting over 50 different projects. These projects focus on the children of our local community and serving their needs is always our main priority. One of our mottos is "Kids Need Kiwanis!"
In these uncertain times, however, our goals must include the health and wellbeing of our community and our members. For those reasons, we are postponing our Spring Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast that was to be held on April 25th. We hope to reschedule the event later in the spring or early summer. For those who already have pancake breakfast tickets, we will honor them at our next pancake breakfast, whether it will be held later this spring, summer or fall. Thank you for the support you have always given this event. We look forward to less challenging times together in the near future (and more pancakes!).

STAYinTV, the aging-in-place initiative in Tellico Village, announces temporary changes to its programs in light of the current coronavirus pandemic.
Home maintenance: Volunteers will respond to emergency maintenance requests only, and volunteers will not respond if they have any symptoms associated with the outbreak. Likewise, if clients have flu symptoms, they should not request assistance. 
Rides program: The rides program will continue, but volunteers will respond at their discretion and not if they have symptoms. Clients should not call if they have symptoms.
Grocery shopping and errands: Same as rides program.
Respite care for caregivers: This program is self-limiting, and assistance will be worked out between volunteers and clients.
“Our prayers are with our fellow citizens in Tellico Village and the nation as we all deal with this national emergency. Hopefully, things will return to normal soon”, says Scott Mathot, STAYinTV president.
Founded in 2011, STAYinTV aims to help Tellico Villagers remain in their homes as long as possible.  Both volunteers and clients can learn more information on the STAY website: Prospective volunteers or clients for any of the services should call STAYinTV at (865) 458-7084 follow the prompts and leave their contact information.
The Tellico Community Players will postpone openings of its next two productions for about a month due to health and safety concerns.
  • A Red Plaid Shirt, scheduled to open April 16, now will run May 14-16 and 21-24.
  • Suite Surrender, scheduled to open in June, now will run July 16-18 and 23-26.
Dates for the remainder of the Players 2020 Main Stage productions will remain the same.  The musical Church Basement Ladies will run October 1-3 and 8-11, and Undercover Christmas will run December 3-5 and 10-13.
 “We are taking this action due to concerns for the health and safety of our patrons and volunteers,” said Players President Sue Aukerman. “We thank our patrons for their patience and understanding as we work to make their theater experience as safe and enjoyable as possible.”
Season ticket holders will be notified by e-mail regarding changes to ticket dates.
Patrons can contact the Players via e-mail at with any questions.
Kim Duffey was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She comes from a large family, with her being the youngest of five brothers and sisters. Until the death of her father when she was 13, she spent most of her time observing him working on the farm and picking up unique skills, which is how she was able to learn the craftmanship of equipment maintenance. After her father’s death, Kim and her mother were left to manage a farm of pigs, cows, horses, and a garden for food. The “figure it out” mentality started early for Kim, and she became very successful with that mindset. Through school, Kim mostly worked behind the counter at an automotive retail and parts store. She eventually worked her way up to management after she graduated high school. Kim’s childhood experiences most certainly explains her organizational skills around the shop at Kahite.

In 2001, Kim decided to dive into the golf business. Kim says, “I always enjoyed working on things and being outdoors. Golf courses are ever changing, every day.” 

She began her career at the most prestigious golf facility in the state of Tennessee, The Honors Course in Ooltewah. She started out as an assistant mechanic under the long-time tenured mechanic, Paul Worley (30+ years of experience). Paul’s health declined over the years, which led to Kim taking over the majority of the responsibilities of that operation in 2004. 

“Being a golf course mechanic is much more than just changing oil in the machine,” says Kim. She became familiar with doing all that was required of her with turf equipment and fabrication very quickly, building a resume that competes with anyone throughout the country in her field. Later, the legendary golf course superintendent, David Stone, announced retirement which led Kim to dive into another operation. She joined our Kahite team in 2016 and has kept our golf course running ever since. Kim still lives in Chattanooga but stays in Athens to better commute to work during the week. This cuts her commute in half, though still leaving 45 minutes to get to work. 

Over the years, she has provided us with unique skillsets outside of turf equipment that make her valuable to our team. Each winter, Kahite updates the maintenance facility to enhance operations and organization during the busiest golfing season. She instructed and assisted in the construction of our nice breakroom, our small tools room, an inside fertilizer storage area, an outside extension of our equipment shed, and has made her own personal improvements in her work area to make her job easier. We are all of the mindset that “it starts at the shop and what we do at the shop makes our job easier on the golf course.” She learned these skills at an early age along with custom body work, painting, drywall, construction, housing additions, and of course, lawn mower maintenance. Kim was also the first to utilize the Amazon account in the Village for most equipment repairs and fabrications.  This is a much cheaper option for us and allows her to do more with her yearly budget. She is very skilled. She is also known for her love of animals, especially dogs. She brings her dog Stella to work occasionally. Her hobbies are fishing and playing pool to get away from the golf course world when she can.  

Thoughts from Superintendent Jordan Clark: Kim is the most important person on our team. She carries the skills to keep Kahite running. Without her knowledge and expertise, we would not be able to perform our jobs and Kahite would most definitely not have come as far as it has since 2016. Kim is an incredible person and her loyalty runs deep. We are so thankful Kim has found her way to Tellico Village, as she fits in well with the family-minded operation at The Links at Kahite. Thank you for your service, Kim!

Due to the increasing concerns about coronavirus, the Hiking Club hike for the E. Lakeshore Glendale Loop Trail scheduled for March 25th has been postponed to a later date. Thank you for your understanding and stay healthy.

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