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March 10, 2020
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March 11, 2 p.m., Having Your Say*, POA Conference Room
March 12, 10 a.m., RAC, Wellness Center
March 13, 9 a.m., FAC, POA Conference Room
March 16, 1 p.m., Dock Captains, POA Conference Room
March 16, 3:30 p.m., GAC, POA Conference Room 
March 18, 1:30 p.m., Board Meeting, Yacht Club
March 19, 9 a.m., ACC, POA Conference Room

Permanent Meeting Change: The Long Range Planning Advisory Committee will meet at 9 a.m. beginning March 26th. The committee will continue meeting on the 4th Thursday of each month.
While it is important to note that there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus disease in our area, TVPOA is working to ensure we are prepared should this outbreak surface in our community. As the disease continues to spread and ignite panic across the country, TVPOA would like to provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to remain healthy and calm.

What is coronavirus?
Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory illness that can spread from person to person. The virus that causes COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus that was first identified during an investigation into an outbreak in Wuhan, China.

How does COVID-19 spread?
The virus that causes COVID-19 probably emerged from an animal source, but is now spreading from person to person. The virus is thought to spread mainly between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet) through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. It also may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes, but this is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads. Learn what is known about the spread of newly emerged coronaviruses at coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/transmission.html.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?
Patients with COVID-19 have had mild to severe respiratory illness with symptoms of:
• fever • cough • shortness of breath

How can I protect myself against COVID-19?
People can help protect themselves from respiratory illness with everyday preventive actions.  
• Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
• Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
• Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol if soap and water are not available.

*Please visit the Center for Disease Control’s website for more information on COVID-19 at and Word Health Organization’s website at

It is understandable that you may feel anxious about the outbreak. Make sure you get factual information from reliable sources to help you accurately determine your risk so that you can take reasonable precautions. It is important to be informed of the situation and take appropriate measures to protect yourself and your family.
TVPOA is taking additional precautions to help prevent the spread of illness. The following cleaning practices are being performed in addition to the daily cleanings done by housekeeping.

• Recreation staff will double up on cleaning common surfaces, equipment, and doorknobs. The Recreation Department also provides hand sanitizer stations and disinfectant wipes throughout the facilities for your use.

• Food service staff will aid in wiping down common surfaces, restrooms, doorknobs and using extra cleaner while washing tables.

• Pro Shops & Golf Course staff will wipe down all hard surfaces down multiple times a day with disinfectant, including doorknobs, bathrooms, and golf cart controls.

• Welcome Center & POA administrative office staff will clean all hard surfaces and doorknobs multiple times a day and will wipe meeting tables down with disinfectant after every use.

In the event COVID-19 spreads to Tellico Village or our general area, TVPOA will activate its Crisis Communications Plan and Procedures. We will keep you informed as new information becomes available. Please use this link to send to your friends and neighbors to encourage them to subscribe to the Tell-E-Gram, as it is TVPOA’s primary source of communication to property owners. 

How can I prepare?
In a media briefing on Monday, Nancy Messonnier, the director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, addressed those most at risk of becoming seriously ill from COVID-19. People who are over 60 years old, as well as those with underlying health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and lung disease, are most vulnerable to getting sick or even dying from the novel coronavirus and should take particular precautions to help protect themselves. Messonnier urges you make sure you have plenty of routine medications for blood pressure and diabetes, and over-the-counter medicines and medical supplies to treat fever and other symptoms. Messonnier also recommended higher-risk people and their families stock up on enough household items and groceries so that you will be prepared to stay home for a period of time. It is also recommended that people at higher risk should postpone non-essential travel.

What should I do if I become sick?
If you are ill, you should:
• restrict activities outside your home, except for getting medical care.
• call ahead before visiting your doctor.
• separate yourself from other people and animals in your home and avoid sharing household items.
Please follow these further recommendations by the CDC:
This is a rapidly evolving situation and information will be updated as it becomes available. For the most timely and up-to-date information, bookmark this link
Be prepared when disaster strikes! Loudon County offers an alert system for weather and important community updates in the event of emergencies. You may click here to sign up. 
The Board of Directors met last Wednesday, March 4th. Please click here to view the PowerPoint presentation.

Announcements: Rick Blough 
  • April Board meetings: April 8th and April 22nd  
Golf: Chris Sykes  
  • Toqua:
    • Head Golf Pro: Adam Jacob  
    • 1st Assistant Golf Pro: Charles Roffers  
    • Assistant Golf Superintendents: Jon North/Tyler Thies (Chris to transition away from this role) 
  • Tanasi:
    • Head Golf Pro: Casey Flenniken  
    • Assistant Golf Pro: TBD 
    • Head Golf Superintendent: Wells McClure  
    • Assistant Golf Superintendent: Jake Moore  
  • Kahite: 
    • Head Golf Pro: Jeff Harrington
    • Head Golf Superintendent: Jordan Clark  
    • Assistant Golf Superintendent: Josh Gunte 
  • All golf retail shops- gift shop-atmosphere with a bigger variety of merchandise  
  • Expanded golf offerings- Adding 2 inclement weather carts per course, non-traditional golf such as mini golf
  • Golf course updates- 7 bunkers ready for install at Tanasi, total of 32 bunkers will be filled at Kahite
  • Audubon- our courses are the most protected green space in the Village, with nesting structures, feeders & bird houses, and wildlife  
  • Continuous improvement projects continue 
  • Employee profile series to get to know your golf team
Finance: Parker Owen
  • Minimum insurance requirements- recommendations made by insurance company and reviewed by POA attorney Kevin Stevens 
  • Board approved a motion to approve minimum insurance standards proposal and be included in policy and procedures manual
  • Capital Funding Request: Hydroports Lifts for Jet Skis 
    • 10 older jet ski lifts are past their life  
    • Request amount: $19,892 from the docks reserve fund  
    • Board approved 5-0
Public Works: Clayton Taylor 
  • Wellness Center roof is 80% complete. We have some issues with the appearance of the roof and are working with the contractor on a resolution. 
  • Coyatee Water Tank- design is ongoing 
  • Residential Sewer Modifications- bid came back at $350/tank - $1.2M total; Public Works Dept is evaluating alternative options 
  • Sewer Smell: all lift stations have monthly inspections and continuous biostimulant added. Public Works has ordered an additional carbon scrubber for the Davis Ferry/444 station to help eliminate the odor. The cost to order and outfit all 8 lift stations with scrubbers will be $10K per station which is an annual cost of $5K a year. Alternative options are also being considered.
  • Yacht Club Breakwater- Barge isn’t qualified for the job; recommended we consider other engineering firms 
Marketing: Beth Kuberka

2019 Performance:
  • Total home and lot sales: 477 (objective was 414)
  • Sales from marketing leads: 295 (objective was 235) 
  • Residential property values: Average $154.74 per sq. ft. (objective was $151.90)
  • Residential months on market: 1.9 (objective was 2.8)
  • POA lot sales: 91 (objective was 52)
  • Welcome Center visits: 9,028 people (up 11%)
  • Building permits: 192 (up 21%)
  • Build-out: 66.5%, based on a total of approximately 6.816 available lots 
  • All-in net marketing revenue: $205,503 (revenue $836,863; costs $631,360)
2020 Initiatives:
  • Implement new photos/videos from Fall 2019 shoot
  • Roll out improved marketing website in May   
  • More reliance on videos to tell our story 
  • Rebrand builder program
2020 Objectives & Outlooks:
  • To sustain 2019 “bottom-line” performance
  • 2020 objectives are considered optimistic 
  • Low Tellico Village existing home inventories may begin to limit MLS residential sales performance 
  • Anticipate 2020 Tellico Village real estate market to continue to be historically strong
Asian Carp Update: TVPOA Ad-Hoc Committee
Please click here to view the Asian Carp presentation at this Board meeting and click here to view additional materials.
Beginning April 1, 2020, Tellico Village property owners will have a new way to schedule rooms and facilities.

After much research and testing, the POA has procured a new room and facility scheduling system. The new system will allow POA members to quickly schedule rooms, facilities, and tennis/pickleball courts from an easy-to-use online calendar.

The novel scheduling website was one of the most requested items of the POA IT Department this year. With the guidance of the Board of Directors and other Tellico Village organizations, the new system hits a sweet spot of features and functionality while maintaining cost effectiveness. This system is feature-rich for administration but user-friendly for the members.

You will be able to choose from over 30 POA rooms and facilities and schedule as far as 365 days in advance in some cases. However, reservation parameters are different for each facility. For example, tennis and pickleball courts can only be reserved 2 weeks in advance. Depending on the facility, you can also request special features like a projector, power strips, chairs, and tables.

We will share instructions and more information as we get closer to the launch. We look forward to the utilization of this new scheduling portal and the efficiency it will bring!
Our Pro Shops are filling up fast with exciting new merchandise, so it’s never been a better time to spend any gift certificates you may have! We have all your golf equipment needs, new logo golf attire, t-shirts, sweatshirts, tumblers, blankets and so much more.
We have more exciting news regarding gift certificates—the TVPOA Board voted to accept all West Golf Services gift certificates issued in 2019 ONLY through November 30, 2020. Remember, the Board also recently voted to accept expired POA-issued gift certificates through June 30, 2020 at 100% value. Moving forward, all certificates (purchased or won from a tournament) will have a 2-year expiration from the date of issuance.
Visit one of our Pro Shops today to make sure you are ready for what will be another outstanding golf season at Tellico Village!
It's almost spring! As of March 2nd, Kahite Pub & Grill will remain open until 6 p.m. Enjoy the warmer weather and stunning mountain views from their patio! Drinks and appetizers will be available from 4 to 6 p.m. daily.

Please note: Kahite Pub & Grill will be closed on Saturday, March 21st for a private golf tournament. 
Tribute to Harold Ek, Longtime TVB Volunteer
TVB pays a special tribute to Founding Member, Harold Ek, who recently passed away at age 89. Harold, who spent more than 25 years with TVB, was a passionate and skilled volunteer, who will be greatly missed. Join current and former TVB volunteers as they remember Harold and the contributions he made both to TVB and Tellico Village:
HandMade: Artist Tina Brunetti Paints with Alcohol Ink
Join host Greg Downs for this third in a series spotlighting artists in and around Tellico Village. Travel to the studio of Tina Brunetti, a painter with a different twist. Tina’s specialty is painting with alcohol ink on metal, a stunning creation combined with her artistic talent! Learn how this gifted designer got her start by coloring in Sunday school, and how she handles creativity blocks.What do drums have to do with it? Drop in on this interview and find out more about this fascinating artist and her work:
Update from POA February 19th Meeting
In less than 7 minutes, you can get a summary of what went on at the second February meeting of the POA Board. Learn about the 2020 goals and objectives for the Board and how they will be addressed, including discussion on the Asian Carp situation. Find out what’s new at the Wellness Center, including higher intensity fitness classes for those of you who are looking to challenge yourselves. Not a golfer, but like Tellico Village merchandise? Find out where you can purchase items to show your love of the place you live! Learn all this and more, and where you can go for even more information on these topics:
Recreation Update February 2020
Are you a tennis player, or want to be? Whether you're a veteran tennis player or just want to learn more about the game, tune into this segment and learn more about efforts to grow the game in the Village. What groups are available? Where can you sign up for lessons? What are Har-Tru courts and what benefits do they offer to players? What can you do with Rusty Rackets, besides throw them away? Meet Lee Brockman, a new resident of the Village, with over 40 years of experience teaching tennis, as he talks about the status of tennis in the Village:
Did you know? You can visit other yacht clubs around the country with a Yachting Club of America card. Cardholders may show this card at other yacht clubs to gain access to their dining facilities and boat docks. If you are a traveler and would like to take advantage of using other yacht clubs, purchasing this card may be beneficial for you. If purchased through Tellico Village, cards are only $20 per year, per couple. The cards have been ordered, and those who ordered will be notified when they are ready to be picked up. If you're interested in purchasing a reciprocal Yacht Club card from Yachting Club of America, please reach out to Shannon Jambon at (865) 804-0318. 

Please click here to view a list of the reciprocal yacht clubs across the country. 
Looking to de-clutter this spring? Consider donating empty pill bottles, eye glasses, and hearing aids to the TV Lions. Unfortunately, only the amber-colored pill containers can be accepted. They should be clean, empty, have the labels removed and the cap on. Used eyeglasses of any type are acceptable but please do not include a case. Hearing aids of any type are acceptable. They can be in the case and batteries can be included if you have them. 
What happens to these items? The glasses and pill containers are sent respectively to Roanoke, VA and Columbus, OH where they are processed and packaged and sent to third-world countries for use by medical professionals. The hearing aids are sent to Maryville to the Hearing and Speech Foundation where they are refurbished and given to indigent residents of Loudon County. Your donations help people both at home and across the globe!
The easiest way to donate these items is in a plastic grocery store bag dropped in the receptacle behind the Welcome Center in Village Square.
The TV Lions thank you for your thoughtfulness in saving and donating these items.
Save the date! Registration for 2020 Camp Tellico will begin on April 1st at 8 am at Chota Recreation Center. Payments are expected at the time of registration. The cost is $155 for guests of property owners and $125 for children who live in Tellico Village. Don’t forget, we accept a limited number of children for each week and spots fill up fast!

This year’s theme is Where in the World is Camp Tellico? Camp Tellico will travel around the world to exotic places. Camp dates are as follows: June 22-26, July 6-10 and July 20-24. Waiting lists will be maintained if necessary.
Calling all softball players – both male and female. Organize a team and join other teams from Loudon County in the first annual United Way sponsored LoCo Softball Challenge. It takes place on Saturday, April 18, 2020 (Rain date: Sunday, April 19) on the fields at the Loudon Municipal Park. Single gender or co-ed teams are welcome. A minimum of 8 players per team plus someone extra to act as an umpire are required. Registration fee is $200 per team. Proceeds go to fund United Way partner agencies including the TVVFD, TAP and STAYinTV, among others. The format is a 16-team Consolation Tournament. Each team will play a minimum of 2 games lasting 5 innings or 60 minutes, whichever comes first. 3 fields will be utilized for play. A start schedule of play will be provided to team captains prior to game day. First games will start at 8 a.m.
For more information. please contact either Mary Harding ( 865-661-1439 or Judy Fenton ( 865-582-4082. Registration deadline is April 1, 2020.

If entering please send the following to UWLC, PO Box 145, Lenoir City, TN 37771:
Team Name
Sponsoring Business or Organization
Contact Person
Phone Number
E Mail Address
A check for $200 payable to United Way of Loudon County
Teams are currently being organized in the Village. This will be a great opportunity to test your mettle against teams from outside the Village and support a great service organization in the process! 
There will be an orientation meeting for Lady Linksters Golf on Wednesday March 11th from 10 am -12 pm on the 3rd floor meeting room of the Yacht Club. Registration will take place, as well as an overview of golf etiquette, how to use Chelsea, and much more. A $20 check to Lady Linksters is required along with a registration form. Forms can be found at any of the Pro Shops. Both current members and those interested in joining are welcome.
The Cruising Club will meet on Wednesday, March 11th on the lower level of the Tellico Village Yacht Club. Social hour starts at 5 pm with the meeting following immediately at 6 pm.The club includes all types of boats: pontoons, bow riders, wake boats, cruisers, all motorized craft. Anyone with any percent of boat ownership is eligible for membership. Come check us out and learn about all the fun we have while boating! Questions contact Commander Wayne Geoffrey on 734-812-0858    
The Tellico Village Fishing Club monthly meeting will be on Wednesday, March 11th from 7 - 8:45 pm at the Tellico Village Yacht Club. Meetings feature fishing related guest speakers and discussions about various Club fishing activities and events. Visitors are welcome. For additional information, contact Club President David Berger at 832-623-1452 or visit
On Thursday March 12th, the Tellico Riders will conduct their monthly meeting at the Tellico Village Yacht Club. The club social starts at 5 pm at the Yacht Club bar, followed by a meeting on the top floor at 6 pm. If you own a motorcycle, ride in East Tennessee, or would like to meet those that do, come join us. At 7 pm after the meeting, it’s optional to join many of the Tellico Riders for dinner at the Blue Heron. If you desire to have dinner, we recommend you place your dinner meal order during the Club social hour; tell them you are with the Tellico Riders. For additional information, please contact Director Carl Bye at

Piney River & Cascades of Duskin Creek, Bowater Pocket Wilderness
Date: Friday, March 13th
Time: Depart at 8:00 a.m. from Lakeside Real Estate
Distance: 8.5 miles
Rating: Moderate
Elevation Gain: 300 feet
Driving time: 1 hour
Leader:  Thom Lewis  248-762-7053
Hike Description: This hike is a shuttle hike where we will park at the Newby Branch Forest Camp and Trailhead, then shuttle to the Piney River Trailhead to start our hike. The trail provides stunning natural scenery without steep ascents and descents and  follows the Piney River before breaking off to follow Duskin Creek. There are views of the many cascades of the river with a tricky rock hopping crossing of McDonald’s Branch. After 3 miles, the trail goes over a suspension bridge and then follows a narrow gauge railroad bed with the Piney River and then Duskin Creek, ending at the Newby Branch Forest Camp.

The Village Quilters of Loudon, TN will be meeting on March 13th at Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church. Social time begins at 9:15 am with the meeting at 9:30. The guest speaker will be Suzi Parron. Suzi travels full time by RV, speaking to quilt guilds, libraries, civic organizations--whoever would like to hear more about barn quilts! Her talk will take us on a journey along the quilt trail, beginning with the very first barn quilt, which stemmed from Donna Sue Groves and her wish to honor her mother's quilting art. The presentation features more than 100 stunning photographs of barn quilts, some of which rival cloth quilts in their intricacy. 

Please join us on March 15th at the Kahite Community Center for the Polka and Folk Dance event hosted by the Polish Heritage Club. Set-up begins at 4 p.m. and the fun starts at 5 p.m. Attendees should bring heavy party appetizers for at least 10 people OR $10 per couple for those who do not wish to bring an appetizer. Beverages and live music will be provided. Please bring your dancing shoes and if you have additional Polka music, please bring that along as well. Come listen to the music, dance, and enjoy yummy appetizers.

If you will be attending with or without an appetizer, please RSVP to Nadine Mazienis NO later than March 11th so that seating can be accommodated. If you are sending $10, please make the check payable to the Polish Heritage Club and send it to Nadine Mazienis, 178 Golanvyi Trail, Vonore, Tennessee 37885. For questions, please call 423-337-8894 - cell, 423-884-2577 - home or e-mail -

Join us next Tuesday March 17th to hike 3 miles of the Canal Branch of the East Lakeshore Trail. We will gather at the Poplar Springs boat ramp parking lot at 9:00 AM to carpool to the trail head. Hikers from Kahite can meet us at 9:15 AM at the Baker Hollow Branch Trailhead located off of Jackson Bend Road. Over the next 10 months, we will be hiking the entire East Lakeshore Trail. These trails are just across the lake and are one of the most beautiful and accessible hiking trails in East Tennessee and have been designated as National Recreation Trails by the Department of the Interior. If you would like to become more familiar with these trails and/or would just like to take a short 2-3 mile hike,  then come join us on the third Tuesday of every month. All monthly hikes should finish no later than 11:30 AM. Your hike leaders will be Larry Elder and Jon Foreman. For additional information feel free to contact Larry: / 865-657-9722 or Jon: / 412-337-5500.

Tuesday, March 17th, 10-11 a.m., Gardening: Get Ready for Spring! Lisa Grugin, Master Gardener from Meadow View Garden Center will be at The Public Library at Tellico Village to talk about planning your gardens for this year. Learn what the best plants and trees are for our zone. Call the library at 865-458-5199 to sign up. There is no charge for this session.

Date: Wednesday, March 25th
Location: Glendale Loop/Part of Coytee Loop Branch (East Lakeshore Trail)
Time: Depart at 8:00 a.m. from Lakeside Real Estate
Distance: Approximately 5+/- miles if you hike both sections
Rating: Easy
Elevation: Minimal
Driving Time: 30 minutes
Leader:  Bob Kutschera  865-356-1086

This trail is a pleasant hiking experience winding along the shoreline of Powerline Cove and the main channel of Tellico Lake with panoramic view of the lake. We will begin the hike at Glendale parking area. People can end their hike by taking the Short Cut Loop Trail and return to their vehicles (2.2 miles) or they can continue hiking a portion of the Coytee Loop Trail returning to their vehicles using the Short Cut Loop Trail on the return (5+/- miles). 

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