Chatuga Coves Egress Road Proposal

Many residents of the Chatuga Coves neighborhood have expressed a sincere concern over the lack of an egress road in the Chatuga Coves neighborhood. Chatuga Drive is currently a dead-end road. Most roads labeled “drives” in Tellico Village are loops connected on each end to Highway 444. However, Chatuga Drive’s dead-end connects to “The Neighborhood” where elderly residents reside in an assisted living facility. Last year, a new independent living unit was also added. The Premier Residences contains 84 apartments in a three-story building and several patio homes are also in the area. Once built, the new addition of “The Grove at Chatuga Coves” will add an additional 34 new patio homes.

The Public Services Advisory Committee has been asked to research the need for an egress road. Due to the amount of traffic on Chatuga Drive, we are researching the addition of a connection road to Cheeyo Way. The proposed connection road is indicated in red on the map above would extend at the end of the cul-de-sac to Cheeyo Way. This would allow residents of the new Grove neighborhood and the Independent Living facility to exit onto Cheeyo Way. Once on Cheeyo Way, vehicles would have two route options to reach Tellico Parkway/Highway 444. If for some reason Chatuga Drive was ever blocked this would also allow emergency services an additional entry point to the area.