The History of the TVBA

The Tellico Village Business Alliance is charged with raising awareness for the bricks and mortar in-home businesses in and around Tellico Village. More than 80 local businesses are run by Villagers.


Surveys conducted by the Tellico Village Property Owners Association and the Tellico Village Homeowners Association cited the desire by Tellico Villagers to learn more about the businesses serving the community. Many villagers stated if they knew about these entities, they would frequent them more.


With this background in hand, the Tellico Village Marketing Team, led by Beth Kuberka, Joe Bogardus and Fred Toettcher, earned the support of the Tellico Village Property Owners Association Board of Directors to form the TVBA in 2017.


The TVBA publishes an annual directory which is distributed to every residence’s newspaper box. The directory contains a fold-out map that displays the location of every TVBA Member. During the holiday season, the organization conducts a campaign promoting the need to shop Tellico Village. The TVBA website is found on Tellico Life and on the TVPOA Website.

Tellico Village Business Alliance              202 Chota Road               Loudon, TN               865-458-7061