We have been contacted by constituents who had issues with both the Loudon and Monroe County Health departments. I made several inquires and this information will hopefully address the current concerns anyone may have.


Tennessee Department of Health main website:  Health (tn.gov)


Here is the link to the COVID-19 Resources:  Tennessee COVID-19 Information Hub (tn.gov)


Here is the link to the additional COVID-19 data and reporting:    Novel Coronavirus (tn.gov)


The link for the new tool released yesterday afternoon to determine vaccine eligibility is attached above.



The following is what I was able to send to some constituents yesterday.


I reached out to our liaisons at the Tennessee Department of Health and advised them of several concerns we have been made aware of.


We are aware the health departments are being inundated with telephone calls and requests for vaccines. The health department phone systems are not equipped to handle the call volume they are receiving. The Tennessee Health Department central office is working on a better call system, but it is not ready/in place yet.


Here is a link on the Tennessee Department of Health website which lists the counties who reported having vaccines available Novel Coronavirus (tn.gov). This data is updated at the end of each day, so the next morning should have the most accurate information.


Our office was notified this afternoon that Gov. Lee Announced New COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility Tool. The Eligibility Tool Eligibility – TN COVID-19 Hub will help inform Tennesseans when they will be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Please see the attached press release. I went through the tool myself and it is very simple to use and you can provide an email and text number so you can receive a notification/alert when your eligibility is updated.


Mr. James Held, Tennessee Department of Health, provided the below information this morning to us regarding concerns I had reported to him. I hope this information may be of assistance in answering your current concerns. If after reviewing the information you have concerns that were not address, please feel free to contact me at Representative Russell’s office at 615-741-3736.





TJ Sutton

Legislative Assistant

Lowell Russell

TN State Representative Dist. 21

Cordell Hull Building

425 5th Ave. N. Ste. 504

Nashville, TN 37243

(615) 741-3736



I wanted to provide a quick follow up to this information. We have a tool in development that will be much more specific and interactive than this link, though, for Tennesseans to determine their eligibility and sign up for notifications/alerts. I hope that this tool will be available very soon and will share the link as soon as it goes live.


One key update is that you can now see that most counties are now offering vaccinations for folks who are 75 and older. For more information on scheduling, they would need to contact their local health department.


I know from the Department’s perspective that we’re working diligently to ensure everyone who is able will have the opportunity to receive the vaccine as soon as possible. There are some factors are that are ultimately out of our control that have posed challenges. For example, there was a major shipment delay of Moderna Vaccine that we expected a week ago for numerous facilities and health departments. With this beginning to be resolved, we had about 20,300 doses delivered last week. You can keep track of this information on our one-pager that has total vaccine data statewide CountyPhaseStatus.pdf (tn.gov)


We have a lot of information for individuals to view publicly at www.covid19.tn.gov, but I’ve shared some of the information from last week’s press release as well for context: