Long Range Planning Advisory Committee

LRPAC advises the POA Board on long-range issues facing the Village within 6-20 years and develops plans to address them as necessary.

LRPAC holds open meetings once each quarter at 9:00 a.m. in the POA Conference Room.  The 2024 open meeting dates are Thursday, January 25th; Thursday, April 25th; Thursday, July 25th; and Thursday, October 24th.

2024 Committee Members

Dominick Andreana – 2025
Bruce Palansky – 2026
Phil Brenner – 2025 (Chair) [email protected]
Jim Alexander- 2026
Cheryl Huber-2026
Chris Allsup – 2024
Tom McCrystal – 2024
Board Liaison – Bob Brunetti
Chet Pillsbury – (CEO)