Board Election Information

The governance of Tellico Village is the responsibility of the Property Owner Association Board of Directors. Property owners who are elected and serve on the Board volunteer their time to help shape the future of the Village and oversee the maintenance of its properties and financial strength. The election process for the Board of Directors is presented in the By-Laws of the Board. Elections are held each year for three-year terms. There are seven members of the Board. Two seats open each year for two years and then three seats open in the third year. We will have two seats open in this year’s election. The voting process takes place each November and is managed by an outside service to keep results confidential until the voting period concludes. Voting can be done digitally or by paper ballot if desired. The results are announced at the end of November and the winners are introduced at the December Board meeting to begin their three-year term.

Most of the members of the POA Board of Directors bring significant experience through activities such as advisory and ad hoc committees and/or from attending many of the meetings that are held concerning important topics to the Village. Those experiences are very helpful in understanding the complexity of the operations in the Village. The POA Board serves the Village similar to a municipal government with a mayor, in our case a Chief Executive Officer, who reports to the Board. Over the years, the POA Board has developed a list of responsibilities for its board members. Rather than give an exhaustive list, some of the major tasks are given to show the range of responsibilities that are required.

TVPOA Board Members Must:

Exercise all corporate, fiduciary, and legal powers to manage and direct the affairs of the Village.
Develop strategic direction and follow the Vision, Mission, Core Values and Guiding Principles.
Develop annual goals and objectives and monitor performance.
Hire, direct and review the performance of the Chief Executive Officer.
Finalize and approve Budgets, Five-Year plans, annual assessments, and fees.
Appoint all members of the committees of the POA.
Serve as a “court of appeal” for POA-member disputes and appeals of ACC decisions.
Communicate to all members
Instill a culture of continuous improvement throughout the whole structure of Tellico Village.

It is also important to note that the Board of Directors does not have day-to-day management responsibility of POA personnel, as that is handled by the Chief Executive Officer. It is also important that property owners understand that the POA Board serves all the property owners of Tellico Village, resident and non-resident. We are fortunate to have had more than 52 individuals who have served on the POA Board of Directors since the Village’s creation. Each has contributed in his or her own way for the betterment of life here in Tellico Village. They are one major reason that we can say “It’s better at Tellico Village.”

View the 2024 Board Election Calendar. To pick up a Board application, please contact Mitzi Lane at 865-408-2619 or [email protected].