The Tanasi Restoration Committee met recently and after much research, planning, and discussion it has been determined that the best option is to build Tanasi Clubhouse back bigger in the current Tanasi location. We received hundreds of comments and the vast majority want to build back bigger. It was a split decision on separating the facilities, but we feel keeping them together will offer the best experience for the golfer and the best utilization of the restaurant.

To help visualize the possibilities we have been working on a variety of land plan options for the Tanasi area. It is no secret that parking has been a big issue at Tanasi for some time. We are landlocked and can only push the building back so far. We are currently investigating many different options to add more parking. One idea is to move the 9th green across the lake, working with our golf architect we would still have a par 4. This is just a consideration; we are doing the work to determine how many parking spaces that would give us and what the new hole looks like. Any change to the golf course would only be for the betterment of the course. We are working closely with our golf team to ensure that we continue to provide the best golf experience possible.

We want to assure you that no final decisions have been made. We are still in the consideration phase and are being meticulous in our planning. We do want to invite you to the January HOA State of the Village Meeting. We plan to give a Tanasi Update at the meeting. Please mark your calendar for January 19, 2023, at 4:00 pm at The Community Church of Tellico Village.

It is our goal to continue to keep you updated. You can find all the Tanasi Restoration Updates and a place to leave your feedback here.