Over the last few weeks, the subcommittee (Jeff Digulla, Mark Bloomfield, Ken Heiserman, Chet Pillsbury, Marty Inkrott and myself) has reviewed and interviewed CMs/GCs to assist as we finish the design portion of the project. We sent out an RFP to six contractors, all six attended our onsite premeeting. We had four proposals submitted and we brought three back for final interviews. Those included Deangelis Diamond out of Nashville, Merit Construction of Knoxville, and RTC Construction of Knoxville.

By unanimous decision, the subcommittee agreed that moving forward with RTC Construction for the pre-construction phase is our best option. We all felt they would provide the best value.  The cost for this service is $6,500 and will include a construction estimate, scheduling plan, and phasing plan. We hope to have estimates for the Tanasi rebuild by the first of December.