Golf Operations Update: Our plan is to install a golf storage carport. This will be instrumental in that it will allow us to charge the golf carts on site at Tanasi. The carport has been ordered and will be delivered in 4 to 6 weeks. We have been exploring options for a temporary pro shop that would be staged near the new golf storage carport. This concept would be much like what we used when Toqua Clubhouse was under construction. We anticipate that this will allow us to take the next step towards normalcy as far as golf is concerned.

Food Service Update: Currently, we are evaluating a food truck option. This would allow us to offer basic hot and cold food options as well as more beverage options to fulfill the needs of our golfers. We will keep you updated on this in the coming weeks.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. The insurance company and inspectors have been on-site, and we have already received a portion of our cost recovery payments for the work performed to get the operations back up and running.  We have one additional walk through scheduled with the insurance company. After that visit, we hope to get the approval to start demolition of the burn site.

The Tanasi Restoration Committee has already been hard at work. They are considering all options but would like to ask for your input. As always, we value your opinion, our main objective is to keep you informed and to get a feel for what our residents would like the future of Tanasi to entail. The committee has come up with four options and are currently exploring the pros and cons of each option. This is where we need your input!

  • Four Options:
    • Option 1: Do nothing and simply bank the insurance money.
    • Option 2: Build back golf and food service exactly as before.
    • Option 3: Build back golf and food service exactly as before… but make it bigger.
    • Option 4: Separate golf and food service. Golf Operations would be in a separate facility off Davis Ferry Road at the proposed site of the driving range. Food service would be at the Tanasi location. Food service would be larger and offer more meeting rooms.

Click here for link to survey. We appreciate your time and value your input.