Are you concerned about the impact of Asian Carp on our community and the affect it might have on your property value? Now is the time to act. USACE is currently accepting feedback. We encourage you to send your comments now if you wish to make a difference.

USACE is seeking public input on the potential environmental and economic impacts of installing invasive carp barriers in waterways. Invasive carp are a major concern in the Mississippi River basin. Movement through lock systems is the primary means of upstream migration into tributaries such as the Tennessee and Cumberland rivers. Invasive carp are in direct competition with native aquatic species for food and habitat and pose a major threat to the ecology, environment, economy and safety. We request comments be sent by email to corpslrnplannin[email protected] by next Wednesday the 26th of October.

Click the link below to submit your feedback regarding the location of the barriers to keep Asian Carp out of our lake. The first line of defense should be furthest away from Tellico Village. Thank you for making a difference and letting your voice be heard.