Thursday, April 13, 2023

3:00 PM

Attendees: POA Staff: Casey Flenniken, Beth Kuberka, Clayton Taylor, Wells McClure, Andy Fox, Mitzi Lane, Kevin Alfont and Chet Pillsbury, POA Board Members: Marty Inkrott and Pat White, Advisory Committee Members: Phil Brenner; Long-Range Planning, Dominick Andreana; Long-Range Planning, John Tierney; Public Services, Howard Higby; Golf, Mark Bloomfield; Tellico Village Resident with building experience.

Insurance Update

COO, Mitzi Lane advised we are still negotiating with Selective Insurance on paying for the basement removal and rebuild. We have sent them a letter from our Attorney Kevin Stephens.

Temporary Pro Shop

IT- ran 18 Cat6 network cables in the attic. The installed 6 speakers, sound amp and an IT rack. They also have 4 computers ready to go for check in and management staff. They will move the WATE camera from the snack shake to the pro shop once the decks are installed. Will be hanging the TV’s next week

Admin- ordered office furniture and indoor seating tables and chairs. Waiting to order the remainder until the decks are completed.

PW- underpinning framing is taking place this week. HVAC will be back next week to install the unit. Then we will be ready for the electrical inspection. The decks must be stamped by an engineer and that has caused a slight delay due to availably of engineers. Carpet will be installed the week of the 24th if not sooner. Once this is complete, we will finish the baseboards and decking. The contractor still has some patching and touch up painting to-do. 

Request For Bid  Sent bid package out to 9 architects. We received 3 back and are awaiting a 4th. The RFP review committee has reviewed all bid packages and summited a list of additional questions to the 4 firms who submitted bids. We plan to set up in person interviews next week for the top contenders.