The roof replacement at the Wellness Center is going well despite recent bad weather that has caused delays. Muddy ground is getting rutted that the contractor will have to fix at the end of the job. The contractor is doing a good job of removing the old roof and applying a rain/ice shield to keep the building dry until the final roof is installed. We have had minor leaks around the area where the roof blew off last summer, but this is not new and will be fixed once the roof deck is repaired. We are finding some areas around windows with some rotten wood that will need to be addressed, but these are minor.

Interior painting of the steel is suspended until the roofing repairs are completed above the pool. Once that is complete there will be about two weeks of painting remaining.

We have inspected two of the purlins out of the five locations selected over the pool; the findings show no rust or deterioration and the rest of the test locations will be tested next week.